38 Mile Course (60k)

Saturday, August 24, 2019 • 5:00am Start At Oak Street Plaza (Base of the Gondola)

The original and infamous TMR route- with one significant change. In the words of race founder, Dakota Jones- "The course is really hard". It is 38 miles with about 14,000 ft of climbing. You will go over 13,000 ft twice along with two additional climbs over 12,000 ft.

If the race wasn't challenging enough we have made one significant change to the old TMR route that includes 1.5 miles of sharp ridgeline above 13,000 ft between Ajax Peak and Imogene Pass. Not to mention the 13,500 ft summit of Telluride Peak along the ridge. We are calling this new section the "Mile and a Half of Sky".

You should know... there are sections of this course that are extremely technical, steep and loose. THIS IS A MOUNTAIN RACE, NOT A TRAIL RUN- participants will be running to altitudes of over 13,000 ft on exposed ridgelines and steep, rocky summits. The trails are extremely rocky and at times there are no trails at all. There are many sections of this course that will be exposed to falls, potential rockfall and hazardous weather. There will be safety personnel along sections of the route monitoring these hazards but all participants should be responsible for their own safety. THIS IS NOT AN EVENT FOR BEGINNERS

38 mile Route:

  • Distance: About 38 Miles (60K)

  • Start: Oak Street Plaza, Telluride (base of the Gondola)

  • Finish: Telluride Town Park

  • Elevation Gain: About 14,000 ft (4,250m)

  • Overall time limit: 14 hours

  • Number of Aid Stations: 5

  • Max number of Runners: 75

Aid Stations and Cut Off times:

There will be five fully stocked aid stations along the 38 mile course. All aid stations will be stocked with water, electrolyte drink, sweet and salty snacks, first aid, and super nice volunteers!

38 Mile.png

*Cut-off times will be strictly enforced for the safety of the runners.

38 mile Drop Bags:

38 mile runners will be allowed to have two drop bags- Bridalveil Station and Mill Creek Station. All drop bags must be marked with your bib number and dropped off at the designated spot near the starting line on race morning.

Packet Pick up:

Packet pick up will take place Friday, Aug 23th, from 4:30pm to 7:00pm at Mountain Trip- 135 W Colorado Ave #2a, Telluride (across the street from Telluride Sports, above Sotheby’s). If you absolutely can't make it on Friday you can pick up your bib at the racer check in before your race.


We encourage spectators to cheer on the runners along the course. However, most of the aid stations that are accessible by vehicles have very limited parking. If you would like to visit the Bridalveil or Mill Creek aid stations please park at the bottom of the road and hike to the station. The hike to the Bridalveil Station is roughly a two miles and passes the iconic Bridalveil Falls. It is about a half mile hike up the Mill Creek Road to the Mill Creek aid station.

Course Markings:

The course will be well marked with flagging tape, flags and at some intersections, directional signs. The race organizers will do everything they can to have the course well marked for race participants the day of the event. Runners must follow trail markings and not cut switchbacks. Please be sure to understand the course! This is super important- Despite all our efforts to mark the course really well, some of our route marking have gone missing every year.

Route Description:

The 38 Mile course starts and ends at the Oak Street Plaza in Telluride (base of the Gondola).

Section 1- Telluride to Gold Hill: Leave Oak Street Plaza and head south across the bridge and onto the Ski Area. Follow Telluride Trail up for 1 mile until you have the option to continue straight on Easy Out Road. After .3 miles, Easy Out Road will take a right turn, follow this up for 1 mile to See Forever Ridge. If you miss this turn you will soon arrive at the base of Lift 9. Continue on the See Forever Trail (road), off and on the ridge, for 1.8 miles to the Gold Hill Aid Station- mile 4.2.

Section 2- Gold Hill to Bridalveil: From the Gold Hill Aid Station take an immediate left onto the contouring single track (Wasatch Connect Trail) that passes underneath Chairlift 15. Follow the Wasatch Connect Trail down for 2.3 miles before making a hard right hand turn onto the East Fork Bear Creek Trail. Be on the lookout for this turn because it is easy to miss for downhill traffic. *Note- well before the East Fork Bear Creek Trail is the option to turn right onto the Wasatch Trail, please do not go this way! it will meet with our route higher up but is a significant shortcut and not part of the course. Follow the East Fork Bear Creek Trail up for 1.2 miles where the trail will merge with the Wasatch Trail. Continue up and left for 1.5 miles to Wasatch Pass. From Wasatch Pass head down and left on a faint two track road marked with large rock cairns. After .8 miles on this road it will trend left into La Junta Basin- do not go this way! Instead, turn right and head down the grassy slopes, following small rock cairns to the Bridalveil Road that can be seen below. Follow the Bridalveil Road down for 3.5 miles to the Bridalveil Aid Station- mile 13.

Section 3- Bridalveil to Imogene Pass: From the Bridalveil Aid Station continue up the Black Bear Pass Road switchbacks for 1.2 miles before taking a left turn onto the Ajax Peak Trail. This will be shortly after a steep rock step in the road following the river crossing above Ingram Falls. Follow the Ajax Trail for 1.5 miles of switchbacks to the ridge. From the ridge continue up and right on rocky terrain for .3 miles to the summit of Peak 13,230. From the summit of Peak 13,230, turn left (east) and follow the high ridge for 1.5 miles, passing over the summit of Telluride Peak (13,509'), to the Imogene Pass Aid Station at 13,200'- mile 17.5. *Note-The route more or less follows the direct ridgeline with a few deviations dropping off to the right side for less technical terrain. There are sections of this ridge that a very loose so please take your time and be aware of others below you. It is also very exposed to weather so please use your best judgement on whether or not to proceed if storms appear to be moving in- this 1.5 miles will be very slow for some.

Section 4- Imogene Pass to Liberty Bell: From the Imogene Pass Aid Station head down Tomboy Road for 2.5 miles and take a right turn on the Marshall Basin Road- this will appear shortly after you exit the old Tomboy town ruins. Follow the Marshall Basin Road to the upper mining ruins and continue up grassy slopes to the right until you are able to regain a single track trail heading back left towards Mendota Pass- 2.2 miles from the start of the road. *Note- If you continue up and right on this single track, instead of left, it will take you to Virginius Pass- do not go this way! Head down the steep loose trail from Mendota Pass. Once back on the tundra the trail will fork, take the faint trail to the right which will send you to the Liberty Bell Trail. From Mendota Pass, it is 2.6 miles to the Liberty Bell Aid Station- mile 25

Section 5- Liberty Bell to Mill Creek: From the Liberty Bell Aid Station turn right (north) on the Jud Wiebe Trail. Follow this for 1.3 miles to a right turn at the Deep Creek/ Mill Creek Trail sign. This is part way down the Jud Wiebe descent. * Note- flagging has been repeatedly removed from this intersection. If you miss this turn and continue straight you will soon arrive back in town at the top of Aspen street, turn around and go back up to the Deep Creek/ Mill Creek intersection. About 100 yards after making the turn you will encounter another intersection- stay left on the Deep Creek/ Mill Creek Trail. Follow the Mill Creek Trail for a relatively flat 2 miles. Shortly after crossing the bridge take a right turn and head up the Deep Creek Trail. * Note- flagging has been repeatedly removed from this intersection. If you miss this turn and continue straight you will soon arrive at the Deep Creek Trailhead on Mill Creek Road, turn around and go back up to the Deep Creek intersection. Follow the Deep Creek Trail for 1.5 miles to the top of the hill, continue straight and down for .6 miles to the Eider Creek Trail intersection- turn down and left. * Note- flagging has been repeatedly removed from this intersection. If you miss this left turn you will continue contouring the mountain side for another 5 miles before hitting the Deep Creek Trailhead on Last Dollar Road- Do not miss this left turn down Eider Creek. Continue down Eider Creek Trail for 1.7 miles to the Mill Creek Aid Station- mile 32

Section 6- Mill Creek to Telluride (almost there!): From the Mill Creek Aid Station run down the Mill Creek Road for .5 miles to the valley floor, take a left on the paved bike trail for 100 yard and cross the Spur Road (highway) just past the Shell gas station. Continue another .5 miles across the valley floor before turning up and right on Boomerang Trail (road). Climb Boomerang Trail for .9 miles to Mountain Village and turn left on Mountain Village Blvd. Follow Mountain Village Blvd for .6 miles, taking single track short cuts between the switchbacks when possible, to a left turn on Granite Ridge Rd. Continue straight on Granite Ridge Rd. for a short distance until it turns into a dirt road, watch for a left turn onto the Ridge Trail shortly after the final residence. Follow the Ridge Trail for 1.4 miles to the San Sophia Station (top of the Gondola). From the top, take a hard left turn down Coonskin Loop Trail, merge onto Telluride Trail shortly after, and continue down (avoiding the switchback cutoffs) for 2.3 miles to the finish line at Oak Street Plaza. DONE! EAT FOOD! DRINK BEER!