Directing a race is a complicated process. This is our explanation of how we're running the TMR.

Q. Where are the aid stations?
A. Please see the AID STATION tab for aid station locations, parking etc...

Q. Are headphones allowed?
A. Sure

Q. Will cups be provided?
A. No, sorry. We want to Forest Service and Mother Nature to love us. Without cups, we are eliminating a potential source of litter!

Q. Where is the nearest airport? Can we carpool?
A. Technically, Telluride has an airport, but don't be ridiculous. Montrose, Grand Junction and Durango all have good airports, but the closest major airports are Denver and Salt Lake City.

Q. What is the weather like?
A. We can still have thunderstorms during the end of August- come prepared. If the weather is dangerously bad, the RD reserves the right to postpone or cancel the race to ensure the safety of runners.

Q. Is there an inclement weather course?
A. Not sure yet! but probably

Q. Do I need to qualify for this race?
A. Nope. But you should probably have some experience in this type of running, seriously!

Q. What are the cut-off times?
A. See the SAFETY tab.

Q. What time does the race start?
A. 38 miler- 5:00am, 22 miler- 5:30am, 14 miler- 6:00am, don't be late!