Aid Stations

*Cut-off times will be strictly enforced for the safety of the runners. If you check into an aid station after the cut off, you MUST NOT go on.

*Runners must check into and out of each aid station.

*Please inform the nearest aid station captain if dropping out of the race. If not, we will assume you are still out running the course and Search and Rescue might be out looking for you! You are responsible for finding a ride back to town.

14 Miler



22 Miler

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38 Miler

38 Mile.png

All aid stations will be stocked with water, electrolyte drink, sweet and salty snacks, first aid, and super nice volunteers!

Aid Station Medical

We expect you to be prepared for medical situations unique to your health history. If you have any special conditions (allergies, asthma etc.) please make us aware when you check in. Be sure to carry any medications or inhalers you might need during the run. We will have people with medical experience on course with basic first aid supplies at aid stations. This event is very remote at times and should be approached with preparation, caution and care. Although we have safety personnel and medical staff available, know that evacuation from any point along the course will be a slow and difficult process. We expect you to be self-sufficient and responsible on race day.

Drop Bags

There will be no drop bags for the 14 mile and 22 mile races.

38 mile runners will be allowed to have two drop bags- Bridalveil Aid Station (Mile 13) and Mill Creek Aid Station (Mile 32). Please mark all drop bags with your bib number, they can be dropped off during packet pick up on Friday.


When the races start it will be dark. You will have the option to leave your headlamp at Gold Hill Station (#1) if you do not wish to carry it. If you choose to leave it, please have it clearly marked with your bib number so that it can be returned to you at the finish line. Headlamps can be claimed at the same place you will retrieve your drop bags.


We encourage spectators to cheer on the runners along the course. However, most of the aid stations that are accessible by vehicles have very limited parking. If you would like to visit the Bridalveil or Mill Creek aid stations please park at the bottom of the road and hike to the station. The hike to the Bridalveil Station is roughly a two miles and passes the iconic Bridalveil Falls. It is about a half mile hike up the Mill Creek Road to the Mill Creek aid station.